His House
Pastoral Stay

Providing Those Who Serve With Time To Rest

The Hidden Struggle Behind The Pulpit

Being a pastor is a calling filled with joy, but it often comes with unspoken hardships. Many pastors face financial constraints, burnout, and isolation — challenges that can be overwhelming without a chance to step back and breathe. You deserve time to refocus.

Let Us Help You Find Sanctuary

We understand because we have been there. Our team brings over 45 years of ministry experience to the table and has personally experienced many long periods of service without a break. At His House, our mission is to guide pastors like us to a place of rest and refocus, ensuring you can continue to lead with renewed strength and purpose.

Your Rest, Our Commitment

Support For Your Stay

We provide 5-to-7-day getaways for pastors and their families to allow you to stop and take a breath. Our ministry will provide lodging and meals for pastors, and their families including spouses and children at His House.

Privacy and Peace

Take time to yourself in our private lodging to relax and refocus. Explore what Twin Falls has to offer when you are ready. His House is a safe place to lay down your burdens. Our team will be available to offer counsel during your stay should you need it. We also understand if you’d prefer privacy during your stay.

Continued Support

Our partnership doesn’t end when you leave. We follow up to discuss the issues at hand, pray with you, and provide an understanding ear when needed. His House is here to support you even after you’ve returned home — it’s truly our pleasure to uplift and serve.

Start Your Path To Renewal

Connect With Us

Reach out for a confidential assessment. We’ll make sure we can provide you with the right sabbatical experience for your needs.

Plan Your Stay

Work with our team to plan your retreat, addressing travel, accommodations, and any special requests for your family or ministry.

Rest and Renewal

Get time and privacy to refocus so you can better serve your church and connect with pastors who are able to provide ongoing support.