Your Pastoral Retreat

Private Lodging in Twin Falls

Details about Your Stay

There is no cost to stay at His House of Twin Falls. Our Resident Hosts will happily provide you and your family with free meals in the home during your stay — just let us know of any dietary restrictions or allergies when you apply for your sabbatical and we will plan meals accordingly. While you are absolutely welcome to enjoy dining around town, the His House team will not be responsible for the cost of meals outside the home. His House is a pet-free home.

You will also receive a $250 voucher (no cash value) for you to use during your stay so that you can explore some of the many amenities and adventures that Twin Falls has to offer without worrying about the out-of-pocket expenses. We truly wish for you to enjoy a restful, relaxing, and healing experience at His House.


Location Details

His House of Twin Falls, Idaho hosts pastors and their families in a 2,500 square-foot home located in a beautiful and quiet neighborhood near the Snake River Canyon Rim. Situated close by the Canyon Rim walking trail, the home is just a short trip away from many scenic locations in Twin Falls, including The Perrine Bridge, The Perrine Coulee Falls, Shoshone Falls, and Centennial Park.

The neighborhood is also located near The Magic Valley Mall and other shopping centers and is a quick 10-minute drive away from Historic Downtown Twin Falls which has plenty of dining and shopping opportunities.


Home Details

  • 2500 Square Feet

  • 3 Bedrooms (4 beds)

  • 1st Bedroom: Quiet and cozy Bedroom Suite, 12x20 room with a queen-size bed, couch, television, writing desk, and an armoire. Kerig and stocked mini fridge.

  • 2nd Bedroom: Comfortable full-size bed, dresser, small television, bookshelf, and walk-in closet

  • 3rd Bedroom: Two twin-size beds with walk-in closet

  • One full bathroom and half bath available during your stay.

  • Spacious fenced-in backyard with a covered pergola, perfect for relaxation or a BBQ after a long day of adventures

  • Laundry Room

  • A/C & Heat (Forced Air)

  • All bedrooms on the second level of the home


Things To Do

1. Canyon Rim Trail

A family friendly paved hiking trail along the rim of the Snake River Canyon.
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2. Canyon Springs Golf Course

A picturesque and challenging golfing experience against the backdrop of Twin Falls' natural beauty.
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3. Centennial Waterfront Park

A serene lakeside escape with walking trails, picnicking spots, and recreational activities.
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4. Mogensen Trail

Unpaved hiking trail under the Perrine Bridge with scenic paths, perfect for hiking and exploring the surrounding landscape.
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5. Perrine Bridge

An iconic landmark, offers breathtaking views of the Snake River Canyon and is a popular spot for BASE jumping.
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6. Visitor’s Center

A gateway to Twin Falls, providing information on local attractions and events.
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7. Magic Valley Mall

Featuring a variety of stores, a food court, movie theater, and a petting zoo.
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8. Shoshone Falls Trail

A paved trail with some steep inclines, leads to the stunning Shoshone Falls.
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9. Evel Knievel Jump Site

This landmark commemorates the daredevil's famous Snake River Canyon jump.
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10. Shoshone Falls

One of the largest waterfalls in North America, standing at 212 feet tall.
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11. Herrett’s Center

Combines education and entertainment, housing a planetarium, observatory, and anthropological exhibits for a captivating learning experience.
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    We very much appreciated our stay at His House. The lovely home is close to many fun outdoor activities and beautiful scenery. It's an ideal location for a retreat. The hosts welcomed us like family, showing generous hospitality. We trust other guests at His House will experience rest and refreshing through both the natural setting and the sweet spirit of the space that George and Fran tend with warmth and joy.

    -Nathaniel and Stephanie Rhoads

    The His House of Twin Falls Covenant

    *Eligibility: Services are available to credentialed ministers.
    • 1.
      As a credentialed minister, I believe that the Bible is the ultimate authority on Christian life and conduct. I support in belief and practice the Biblical core doctrines held by the National Association of Evangelicals and I am committed to Biblical living that is above reproach in all areas.
    • 2.
      If, at any point, I cease to be a credentialed minister in good standing, I understand that this would preclude me from utilizing His House.
    • 3.
      During my stay at His House, I will demonstrate respect and honor towards the host and their property and will comply with all governing rules and regulations set by the host and His House.
    • 4.
      I understand that this is a pet-free home for health and safety reasons, and I will not bring any animals of any kind. I understand that the host has pet allergies, and that potential future guests may have allergies as well.
    • 5.
      I understand that the maximum stay at His House of Twin Falls is 7 days during one calendar year.